Osteopathic and cranial sacral therapy for your baby after birth – What It is and why it is so important

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Something I always suggest  my clients do after the birth of their baby is to take their baby to see an osteopath & get cranial sacral therapy. I have been seeing Dr. Hakimi for years now and highly recommend him  to all my peps , he does a combination of the two plus so much more . ImageDr. Payam Hakimi is the medical director of Body of Harmony in Beverly Hills.  He practices Integrative Medicine [individualized combination of western medicine and alternative medical therapies] using his knowledge and experience as a Family Physician, Doctor of Osteopathy, and Clinical Homeopathy. I asked him a few questions , why it is important for your child to have these kind of treatment done after birth ,below are the questions and his answers .

What is an osteopath  ?

In United States Doctors of Osteopathy [D.O.] are traditional medical doctors with additional training in structural integration…

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